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Rapid Test Reader of Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co. --Beyond Mediocrity, Replace Imports

Because of its simplicity, rapidity, specificity and sensitivity, rapid test reader of Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co.will inevitably replace colloidal gold immunochromatographic technology and be extended to food safety detection, in vitro diagnosis, environmental monitoring and other fields. At present, most of the original colloidal gold strip manufacturers in China have invested in technical force to complete the transformation from qualitative analysis of colloidal gold to quantitative analysis of fluorescence. Some manufacturers sell test strips with foreign high-end instruments at high cost and low market competitiveness. There are more test strip manufacturers, which are limited to the lack of appropriate rapid test reader, delaying the launch of products, delaying the precious opportunity. Therefore, if we can develop a set of high-performance rapid test reader, it will greatly promote the development of related industries.

Rapid test reader is the latest generation of rapid test reader developed by Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co.. It can be used for the detection and analysis of various fluorescent markers. It is suitable for product development and detection in many fields, including IVD, food safety rapid detection, environmental rapid detection, animal and plant disease diagnosis, etc. With high-performance products, personalized services and rapid response, Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co. provides you with services from prototype development to mass production.
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