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Principle of OTC Rapid Strep Test

OTC rapid strep test is a membrane immunochromatographic test for detection of group A pyogenic Streptococcus antigen in pharyngeal swab specimens. A rabbit anti-group A Streptococcus antibody band adsorbed on the cellulose membrane serves as a sample line. Another species-free antibody adsorbed on the same membrane was used as the control line. Combining the anti-group A Streptococcus antibody and species antibody with visible particles, the conjugate pad is dried on the inert fiber support, and the conjugate pad is combined with the striped film to form the detection strip. The test strip and a small hole in the swab are located on both sides of the book-shaped test card.

In the experiment, the swab was inserted into the detection card, the extracting reagent was added from the dropping bottle, and the swab was rotated three times. After incubation for 1 minute, the detection card of OTC rapid strep test was closed to make the extracted specimen contact with the detection strip. Group A streptococcal antigen was captured by fixed group A streptococcal antibody and bound to conjugate antibody. Fixed anti-genus antibodies capture another visual conjugate and the positive results appear within 5 minutes. Negative results at 5-minute readings showed that there was no group A streptococcal antigen.
The results of OTC rapid strep test can be explained by the presence or absence of purple red line. Positive results can be divided into two lines: sample line and control line. Negative results can only be divided into two lines. Other test results show that the test is invalid.
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