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MAU Test and Method 3

Microalbuminuria refers to the presence of microalbuminuria in the urine. Albumin is a normal protein in the blood, but only a small amount of albumin appears in the urine under physiological conditions. Microalbuminuria reflects abnormal protein leakage in the kidney. The increase of urinary microalbumin is an early sensitive index of renal injury, which is commonly seen in diabetic nephropathy, hypertension and preeclampsia. Urinary microalbumin caused by any disease is the damage of renal intrinsic cells caused by different initial causes, which changes the structure of renal intrinsic cells, and changes the function with the structure, which is reflected in urine. Microalbuminuria is also a sign of changes in the whole vascular system, and can be considered as a "window" of arterial disease, because it is an early indication of changes in the kidney and cardiovascular system.
Urinary microalbumin can be determined by immunoturbidimetry, immunofluorescence, radioimmunoassay, enzyme immunoassay and other methods. Radioimmunoassay has high sensitivity and specificity, but it has some shortcomings such as radioactive contamination and short storage time of reagents. At present, ELISA is still the most widely used method for the detection of urinary microalbumin in China, but the enzyme labeling method has many steps, so its repeatability is poor. The carboxylated polystyrene latex sensitized by albumin and the immunolatex agglutination inhibition test were established for the determination of urinary microalbumin. It has the advantages of rapidity, specificity, simplicity and low cost.
Shanghai Kaichuang Biology provides a MAU test based on latex enhanced immunoturbidimetry, the MAU test is a liquid double reagent, including reagents R1 and R2. The reagent R1 is a reactant and the reagent R2 is a solution containing albumin immunolatex particles. It is characterized by chemical crosslinking and covalent crosslinking of antibodies with carboxylated polystyrene latex by water-soluble carbodiimide (EDC) and N-hydroxy succinimide (NHS) to form mAlb antibody latex reagent. This reagent has high sensitivity, strong specificity and simple preparation. It is worth further popularizing and using.
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