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The Introduction of Hcv Rapid Test Kit

Shanghai Kaichuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides a hcv rapid test kit, which has the advantages of simple operation, rapid response, high sensitivity, strong specificity, suitable for on-site detection and economical and practical.

The hcv rapid test kit comprises a loading pad, a colloidal gold pad containing a labeled HCV mixed antigen tightly attached to one end of the loading pad, a nitrocellulose (NC) membrane tightly attached to the other end of the colloidal gold pad, and a sample pad tightly attached to the NC membrane. At the other end of the sample pad, the NC film is wrapped up with separated detection (T) line and the quality control (C) line. The sample pad, the colloidal gold pad, the NC film, and the suction pad are attached to the plastic support plate to form hcv rapid test kit. The hcv rapid test kit can also be inserted into a plastic card to form a card package, characterized in that the T line is an anti-human IgM antibody coated on the NC membrane, and the colloidal gold pad is composed of a labeled HCV mixed antigen. The hcv rapid test kit is characterized in that the HCV mixed antigen is a core antigen (Core) and a non-structural protein (NS) 3 antigen recombinantly expressing HCV, and optionally NS4, NS5, E1 of HCV and E2 region antigensmay be further added.
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