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The Introduction of Diagnostic Rapid Test Kit

Introduction of diagnostic rapid test kit

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV) with liver damage as the main disease. It is the most harmful type of viral hepatitis, and it is distributed all over the world, but China is HBV. In countries with high infection rates, there are about 300 million people infected with hepatitis B virus in the world, and about 120 million people in China. As a highly endemic area of hepatitis B in China, the number of people with hepatitis B accounts for nearly 50% of the total HBV surface antigen carrying rate. 60% of people have been infected with HBV.

In clinical practice, HBV can not only cause human acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and disease-free HBsAg carriers, but also cause cell transformation or induce liver cancer. 50% to 70% of HBV carriers are active in chronic hepatitis B. The incidence of cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B is 2% to 20%. 20% ~ 23% of compensatory cirrhosis develops into decompensated cirrhosis. The development of liver cancer accounts for 6% to 15%. Hepatitis B is a contagious disease that is endemic, widespread, and harmful. Its prevention and control is particularly important.

Diagnostic rapid test kit manufacturers developed diagnostic rapid test kit for hepatitis B virus nucleic acid based on the BMD-PCR technology platform. The ultra-smooth nanobeads are used to enrich the trace amount of HBV DNA molecules in the sample, which is simple in operation and quick in response, and integrates a time-saving and efficient amplification system. The PCR detection of HBV DNA quantitative traceability with ultra-sensitive, wide linear range, good repeatability and strong anti-interference ability can truly meet the essential needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Features of diagnostic rapid test kit

1. The of diagnostic rapid test kit reacts rapidly: the whole process of nucleic acid amplification takes only 30 minutes (40 cycles), while ensuring high accuracy and sensitivity, and greatly improving the clinical work efficiency.

2. Super-smooth nanobead method: Enrich the trace amount of nucleic acid molecules in the sample by using super-smooth nanobeads. The magnetic beads have high adsorption efficiency, good impurity removal effect, strong anti-interference ability, and are capable of handling complex samples such as hemolysis, blood lipids and jaundice, and achieving high-precision detection.

3. Internal standard monitoring: The internal standard participates in the extraction, purification and amplification of nucleic acids, and achieves full monitoring to avoid false negative results. The internal standard is derived from the specimen itself, different from the plasmid or pseudovirus particles.

4. Diagnostic rapid test kit has high sensitivity: the minimum detection limit is 25 IU/mL, which can meet the needs of international and domestic liver disease guidelines for clinical diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C. It provides high-precision navigation services for patients with hepatitis C who are well-organized in the field of antiviral optimization therapy;.

5. The diagnostic rapid test kit can be fully automated: automatic detection is achieved, manual error is avoided, work efficiency and accuracy are improved, and laboratory testing is standardized.

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