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The advantages of buy rapid strep test

Syphilis is a chronic, systemic sexually transmitted disease caused by treponema pallidum. Majority of it is through sexual way to spread, clinical go up to be able to behave for syphilis of first stage, second stage syphilis, third stage syphilis and conceal syphilis, it is "law of contagion prevention and cure of People's Republic of China" in the disease breed that is listed as management of class b prevention and cure.

After treponema pallidum infects human body, there are two kinds of antibodies in blood, one is non-specific lipid reactive hormone antibody, the other is anti-treponema pallidum specific antibody. The detection of treponema pallidum antibody in blood circulation by immunological method is the most commonly used method for the diagnosis of treponema pallidum infection.

The buy rapid strep test was used for the qualitative detection of treponema pallidum antibody (TP antibody) in human serum and plasma in vitro by colloidal gold immunochromatography and double antigen sandwich method. It can be used for auxiliary diagnosis of clinical syphilis infection. Routine test items for blood donors and clinical patients before blood transfusion, before surgery and before various traumatic examinations.

Advantages of Kaichuang buy rapid strep test:
1. Easy to operate, fast reading results.
2. Small sample amounts, one drop of blood can achieve accurate detection.
3. High sensitivity and specificity, which can be used for individual detection
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