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Technical Background Of Hbsag Strip Test

As we know, hepatitis B is a worldwide disease caused by hepatitis b virus (HBV). China is a country with a high incidence of hepatitis B. 40-60% of the population has been infected with HBV, and 9-10% are carriers of HBV surface antigen (HBsAg). Only by evaluating the significance of the over 100 million HBsAg positive people as the source of infection can their participation in social activities be fairly treated.

In order to meet the need of rapid clinical detection, a variety of simple and rapid immunological detection methods have been developed in recent years. Colloidal gold method is one of them. Colloidal gold technology is a rapid diagnostic and analytical technology developed in the 1990s. In recent years, the newly developed hbsag strip test is mainly suitable for emergency test, small laboratory or self-test at home, which has become an important development direction of laboratory medicine in the 21st century. Hbsag strip test is a A novel immune marker technique using colloidal gold marking, adopting colloidal gold as a tracer for antigen antibody reaction. In the process of chromatography, the gold marker and the solid phase on the chromatography material such as nitrocellulose membrane antigen or antibody have specific immune reaction and are intercepted, further enrichment, forming visible fuchsia band, so as to get intuitive experimental results, to achieve the purpose of rapid detection.

There are more hepatitis B patients in China, and China is still in the stage of economic development. In order to make a correct and economical analysis of the condition of hepatitis B patients, it is necessary to strengthen the basic and clinical application research of pre-si antigen. Presi protein detection is a scientific, sensitive and reproducible serological test. The accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility of traditional HBV detection methods are gradually showing many shortcomings in the aspects of the infectivity of virus infection, prognosis and efficacy judgment.
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