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How To Use Rapid Detection Of Hepatitis B Test Paper

Hepatitis b test paper is suitable for the detection of blood and anticoagulant blood in finger or ear lobe, as well as serum or plasma. This product is especially suitable for screening healthy people for physical examination and free blood donors, and also for reporting emergency conditions such as doors and emergency rooms.

The testing steps are as follows:
1. Before the test, the test paper strip and all relevant reagents, such as test samples and controls, shall be taken out and used only after the room temperature is restored. When everything is ready, unpack the test strip.
2. Take the test paper out of the sealing tube and put it on the horizontal working table. Fill two tubes of samples (at least 120 microliters) with capillary and drop it on the filter paper under the arrow of the test paper. If the analysis speed is slow, the blood can be completely soaked before adding 3 drops of diluent.
3. Wait for the result to appear. Strong positive results may appear within 3 minutes, while weak positive results may appear for a little longer, but please judge the results within 20 minutes.

The results are as follows:
1. Negative results: there is a red line in the control area and no red line in the test area.
2. Positive results: there is a red line in the control area and a red line in the test area.
3. If there is no red line in the control area, the detection is invalid. It may be caused by improper operation or failure of detection system.

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