Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co.Ltd.


Chemtron’s Quality System
Oct. 2006: Quality system established.
Oct. 2011: achieved TUV ISO13485:2003 certificate.
Oct. 2011: achieved TUV EC-Certificate List B and Self. (Chlamydia test and PSA test for professional use, HCG test, LH test, FSH test, HP Antigen test and FOB test for self-testing)
May 2012: achieved FDA 510K for multi drug test.
May 2013: achieved FDA CLIA Waived for HCG test;
  • TEL:+86-21-68129666
  • FAX:+86-21-68129222
  • EMAIL:[email protected]
  • ADDRESS:No.518, Qingdai Rd., International Medical Park, Pudong, 201318, Shanghai, P.R.China
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